*The following poems are two perspectives on how two friends view death, poetry is what unites them yet their perspectives on death is unique.

From our first breath, we are condemned to fear death
Yet we sin ingloriously
Simultaneously accepting the outcome
Believing we have the privilege to live as long as we please
but we don’t
Disregarding life already is unknown
Literally every aspect of it
That no amount of money can ever fill that void
Some of us are traumatized by events
From physically, mentally to emotionally
As humanity has unveiled
A fetus can die in the womb just as easily as a senile figure can
That’s what breaks us;
that’s where our fear stems from
Life starts ending without a moments notice
no matter how much one might think you can prepare
We lose ourselves in that instance
that period in time.
Instead of hearing
The message that is right in front of us
Regardless of the offset in which it occurs
It’s the moments that lead up to that point that matter
It’s the hidden message we should see yet we fear.


I wake up every morning kissing death on his lips
He provokes me feelings of nostalgia
There are times where I fear him
Yet he tells me I am too afraid to know the truth
That life is only a beautiful lie
He challenges my thoughts on life
Makes me question my purpose in this lifetime
The paths and roads he takes me through make me wonder if he really loves me
Sometimes I take his affections for granted
Living carelessly without thinking how my actions affect my body, my soul, our love
When I am in pain he takes over my thoughts
Shows me how each and every encounter I have had with him has been predestined to occur
All the adventures, the tears, the emotions they have lead me to him
Cause my purpose was always to find him
He reaches to me and whispers to my ear
I am in love with you

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