A Daughter’s First Love

It hurts to see that you can go about your life and never show that you cared for me
A never ending battle that kills me inside
but it will always be a one way fight,
cause you don’t even care to kill me with kindness
A daughter’s first love
A disappointing illusion
I beat myself up imagining a love that never will exist
I envy that I could not love
There are nights I cry empty tears
of hate or loneliness,
instincts I can no longer distinguish
It’s an agonizing ache that echoes through my veins
I run the same road
over and over again
until I hit the end
I turn around
and rewind to the same dejav├║
A tainted memory that only lives within me,
and as hard as I try to rip these feelings out of my heart
This pain will always be a part of who I am


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